Bombay Waves Jersey Tee

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The Story

"I'm not a lawyer Jan, I'm a player."

Remember when Gordon Bombay almost made it to The Show? Bombay quit hockey at age 12; fast forward 17 years and he's an alcoholic lawyer who coaches the Ducks to a Pee-Wee championship. Naturally, he felt like he could do just about anything after this incredible triumph and he decides to try his hand at pro hockey despite not playing competitively for 17 years. Makes sense. And makes even more sense that as a member of the Minnesota Wave he's absolutely crushing it and on the brink of an NHL contract until the fatal blow to his knee. The glory was short-lived, but the key word is LIVED. You did it Gordon.

    Crafted with the intention of being the softest shirt in your lineup, our signature tees are cut for a modern fit and printed with inks that actually blend into the fabrics giving it more character with every wash.

    ·  Unisex Fit
    ·  Premium blended fabric
    ·  Vintage wash
    ·  Dyed, cut & printed in the USA
    ·  Made in a certified eco-friendly facility