Streaker Sports is a New York-based sports lifestyle brand that creates unique heritage-inspired apparel and accessories. While the other guys focus on the standard range of teams and product, we're reviving the forgotten teams of the past and highlighting iconic figures that no one else is paying attention to. Our brand was built simply from the products that we wanted to wear but couldn't find anywhere else.

We're reviving the traditions and heritage of sport and building a community for our fans to participate.






Name: Pete Lucchesi

Position: Creative Director / Everything Else

Height: 5'6 1/2"(Let's just call it 5'10")

Weight: A solid, meaty 155

Hometown: Syracuse, NY

Instagram: @palucchesi

The Glory Days: Pete was once called "a potential Division I hockey prospect" by the New England Hockey Journal (he peaked in high school) and then he 'chose Division II'...and then he played club.

Favorite Sports Memory: "When the Orange won the 2003 National Championship I was watching it on the jumbo screen in the Dome with about 20,000 other people. To this day, the most electric atmosphere I've ever been apart of."



Name: Cory Fahey

Position: Operations Director / Everything Else

Height: 5'10"

Weight: A lean, mean buck 60

Hometown: Syracuse, NY

Instagram: @c_fahey

The Glory Days: Cory reached his sports pinnacle in high school as a two-sport athlete, but quickly realized that his days as a competitive athlete were numbered. A couple club sports and summer leagues (ok - and maybe a few beers) later, Cory can only tell tales of the days when he could run a back to back to back “Pondy” in under 8 minutes.

Favorite Sports Memory: Personal – "Indoor nationals, with the crowd looking down from above and Nike cameras field side, the environment was nothing like I had experienced before."

As a fan – "Sitting 10 rows up at an AC Milan game this past fall. Although the play was poor, the atmosphere was electric and I was able to satisfy a life long dream of seeing an European match live."