1975 Hartford Bicentennials Tee

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The Story

The Hartford Bicentennials played at the Yale Bowl from 1975 to 1977 before eventually folding and moving operations to Oakland in 1978 to become the Oakland Stompers. Even though the Hartford Bicentennials were a strong team in the 1976 season, it wasn't enough to keep the white and blue in Hartford. With players like Steve Sherwood & Tino Domingues donning the blue and white in Hartford, Hartford Bicentennials should have been able to fill seats. The reality however what much different and with low attendance, the Hartford Bicentennials were soon sent to Oakland to play the 1978 season as the Oakland Stompers.

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    • Athletic Fit
    • Premium tri-blend fabric
    • Vintage wash
    • Printed in New York