1994 USA 'Bacon' Soccer Jersey

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*Size Note: true to form, these bad boys fit exactly like you think a 1990's soccer jersey would fit: good 'n tight. For a standard, more comfortable fit, we recommend sizing up. See our Size Guide.

The Story

In celebration of World Cup 2018, we've brought back some of the ABSOLUTE UGLIEST World Cup jerseys of all time - which, not surprisingly, all come out of the 1990's when uniform design was anything but clean. Really though, we see all of these as SO ugly they're beautiful. Don't ya think?

The year was 1994 and the United States was about to host its first World Cup in history - so naturally they needed to look the part. Logically, Adidas came up with two of the most hideous designs possible: these bad boys and this dizzyness-inducing monstrosity, lovingly know as the 'bacon uni's.' Today, they're stuff of legend - and we think they're SO hideous that they are, in fact, beautiful.

Our throwback '94 USA Soccer jersey is made from 100% moisture-wicking polyester (just like the original!), perfect for when you're working up a sweat chanting and lifting beers to your face at the bar while cheering on team USA.