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1970 Virginia Squires Wordmark Tee

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The Story

As with most teams in the ABA, the Squires began life as another team, first as the Oakland Oaks and then the Washington Caps upon the franchise's move to DC. They became the Squires the following year (1970-71 season) after yet another move to Roanoke, VA after being pushed out of town by the Baltimore Bullets who wanted to move their NBA franchise to Washington and of course be the only game in town.

The 1972–73 season marked the beginning of the Virginia Squires downturn. Although blessed with a combination of Julius Erving ("Dr. J") and a young George Gervin, the duo only played together late in the season and during the summer of 1973, Dr. J was sold to the New York Nets for cash. Soon, the Squires' attendance fell through the floor and never recovered, folding just after the 1975-76 season.

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