1936 AFL New York Yankees Football Shorts

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The Story

New York Yankees is a name synonymous with winning and excellence. They've produced dozens of Hall of Famers and have won championship after championship........but these are not those Yankees.

The New York Yankees Football Club, often referred to as the "forgotten Yankees," existed on and off for about 25 years in various professional football leagues. Sharing a name, logo and home stadium with the mighty New York Yankees, they were one of the first teams in the National Football League and were in and out of the American Football League, which was a heavy competitor to the NFL for major market teams in the late 1920s and 1930s.

The Yankees experienced the most success in their last run in the All-American Football Conference from 1946-1949 where they played in front of sold out crowds and were in back-to-back league championships. In 1949, the AAFC merged with the NFL and the Yankee players were divided between the New York Giants and the New York Bulldogs.

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