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1974 Memphis Sounds Basketball Tee

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The Story

After his Memphis Tams posted the worst record in all of pro basketball during the 1973-74 season, team owner Charlie Finley refused to pay any more bills. The ABA itself was keeping the operation afloat. After four years of futility, it seemed impossible that a Memphis ABA franchise could continue, but with an ABA/NBA merger imminent, ABA Commissioner Mike Storen decided to step in. Given his past success building successful franchises in Indiana and Kentucky, Storen felt that he could turn around the Memphis franchise and make it viable for the NBA. 

Storen found several new local investors for the team (including Isaac Hayes and Al Wilson of Stax Records and Kemmons Wilson of Holiday Inn) and gave the franchise a complete facelift, including the nickname which he changed to the "Sounds." 

Despite making the playoffs, it was looking to finally be the end of the line for the ABA in Memphis. The league office gave the city of Memphis a strict deadline of June 1, 1975 to sell 4,000 season tickets, find new investors, and secure a more favorable lease at the Mid-South Coliseum. Predictably, none of this happened. The league took over the franchise and, in August 1975, the Sounds were sold to several businessmen in Baltimore who initially called their team the "Baltimore Hustlers" but then, with force from the league, changed to the "Baltimore Claws."

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