Thrillist August 2011 

“This recently launched sports apparel co…is buttressing its selection of ultra-functional, vintage- 

inspired athletic shorts….with fresh tees…”


BlackBook November 2011

“Next, buy a bunch of Movember stuff.  Nifty gear like Toms Shoes, Streaker Sports shorts, and 

Palmer cash tee-shirts…”


Inside Lacrosse May 2011

“Let’s crank this Gear Zone time machine up and head back to an era where college uniforms 

rocked simple logos…the captain of our time traveling ship is Streaker Sports.”


Red Clay Soul September 2011

“…all of my old Fraternity and crush party t-shirts have been retired.  They had a good run- a 

very good run- but I’ve been replacing and upgrading.”


The Fine Young Gentleman August 2012

“A few months ago the good people at Streaker and myself struck up a conversation via Twitter…”


Inside Lacrosse August 2013

“Welcome to Throwback Thursday with everybody’s favorite throwback experts, Streaker Sports…”


Inside Lacrosse November 2013

“The N.A.G. Blue Jay, affectionately named after its creator Neil A. Grauer, JHU Class of 1969, was first used in the student newspaper in 1966 and has remained a unique part of Johns Hopkins University Athletic history ever since.”



Inside Lacrosse August 2013

“With a program steeped in tradition, the US Naval Academy lacrosse team stands as one of the sports oldest college teams.” 


Inside Lacrosse August 2013

“The final installment of the Hubbard-Hess-Massey story, the '98 Tigers cruised to a Three-Peat National Championship, lead by what may very well go down in the history books as the greatest attack line ever to play together.”



“You know that buddy of yours who always gets the nod to design tailgate koozies…”


Great Lakes Prep April 2014

“Grant over at Streaker Sports pretty much knows exactly how to take my money. At this point I just need to hand him a large sum of cash and have him send one of each new short that comes out.”


Great Lakes Prep May 2014

“Remember how a month ago I mentioned that Grant at Streaker Sports knows exactly how to take my money?”



Great Lakes Prep June 2014

“By the time the 86th minute rolled around, my heart was beating through my chest. When Brooks unleashed that game winning header, I let out a primal yell that could’ve been heard all the way in Ghana.” 


Boatshoes & Bowties June 2014

“When it comes to sports, we’ll watch pretty much anything.  Well, anything but soccer.  Try as we might, we just can’t get into it.  That being said, it’s a foregone conclusion that when Team USA takes the field in a couple of weeks we will be glued to the action.”