Gilt City October 2011

“Brought to you by vintage sports apparel specialist Streaker Sports…”

Thrillist August 2011

“This recently launched sports apparel co…is buttressing its selection of ultra-functional, vintage-

inspired athletic shorts….with fresh tees…”


 BlackBook November 2011

 “Next, buy a bunch of Movember stuff.  Nifty gear like Toms Shoes, Streaker Sports shorts, and 

Palmer cash tee-shirts…”

 Inside Lacrosse May 2011

 “Let’s crank this Gear Zone time machine up and head back to an era where college uniforms 

rocked simple logos…the captain of our time traveling ship is Streaker Sports.”

Red Clay Soul September 2011

“…all of my old Fraternity and crush party t-shirts have been retired.  They had a good run- a 

very good run- but I’ve been replacing and upgrading.” September 2011

“And just like that old high school athletics tee you still refuse to throw away, all Streaker 

products are one of a kind…”