About Us

Streaker Sports was born from an appreciation of throwback sports uniforms, a desire to bring back their classic look and meet the demands of today's fans. The end result is a selection of ultra-comfortable tees and hoodies, great looking shorts that have resurrected some of sports' most iconic teams and a smattering of accessories every true fan needs on hand.
Never over produced, rest assured, if you're the proud owner of a Streaker Originals design, you'll be one of the few. All our products are produced in limited runs, and a portion from every sale supports the growth of sports programs in underserved communities. As much as we want you to Be a part of the game...it's important to us to help others be a part of it too.

Many out there wonder who is the brain trust behind our designs and cheeky emails. Finally, we've pulled back the curtain...Meet the Team behind Streaker Sports:

Our founder, Grant (left) is a true product of Jersey. He claims to having been LT for Halloween multiple times during his childhood, and touts unwavering support for his NJ Devils (and favorite player, Randy McKay.) Though his Pop-Warner football stats landed him a ton of ink in his local paper, he still believes his squirt 'A' hockey career to be his crowning athletic achievement.  Oh and he's pretty good at foosball too.





A born competitor, Frank has played all manner of sport in his life including recreational ping pong; a game which caused the worst argument he and his wife have ever had. He was also a finalist to be on a TV show where he would have wrestled a Mongolian shepherd; true story.