Streaker of the Month - February 2013

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Jay Wich
Streaker of the Month
February 2013

J.J. Threads founder and former college lacrosse player Jay Wich is this month's Streaker of the Month.

Considering Jay's background, it's not surprising that a Q+A with him would end up on the blog of a fashion/sports company.

Come along with us as we delve into such controversial topics as the 80s, video games and of course, sports.

A little bit about Jay: 

Q- Where are you from and what are your favorite sports teams?

Balto Baby, Ravens and O's.

Q- Have you considered licensing Hyper-Color's technology for button downs?

No, not yet.

Q- Are you now considering it and can we get a royalty for each shirt sold?

Yes, let's talk. You got me.

Q- You attended Harvard, how many times has someone used the Good Will Hunting "apples" line on you?

Not yet.

Q- Were you more of a shaker or a blower when it came to making an original Nintendo game work?

Blowing, shaking never worked for me.

Q- What sports do Hong Kong residents follow most?

Football (soccer) is by far most popular on TV. Badminton is right up there though. Oh, and Rugby Sevens. That's by far the best sports event in Hong Kong of the year. It's a mix of Preakness and Halloween.

Q- Best Tom Selleck movie- Three Men and a Baby, Three Men and a Little Lady, or Mr. Baseball?

Three Men and a Baby

Q- Favorite bar to watch a sporting event?

I love Bro J's, Murray Hill. Side Bar for Ravens games.

Q- What is your most pathetic athletic a achievement that you are most proud of? (e.g. Spirit award for your 6th grade chess team or certificate of participation for a 1993 Hands Across America Fun Walk)

I don't have much here but still very proud I still have a pool record for swimming when I was 12 years old. Not a pathetic achievement but maybe pathetic that I'm still talking about it now.

Want to become Streaker of the Month like Jay? Submit photos of you Streaking (both literally and also just wearing Streaker Sports apparel somewhere cool) to and we’ll pick a winner each month!

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